Smart Technology

The SMART approach is the new way to leverage technology for success. We at VMH International have created an interactive storefront to give our customers total control and take the SMART approach when to support their current and ongoing needs. We believe whether you are fully experienced with the software programs and products or are new just starting out that we have designed our site to give you the total solution for your technology solutions with: Subscriptions, Mentoring, Applications, Retail Purchases, and Training.

We are confident that this process will give you immediate access to solving your technology needs and help our customers excel to the fullest potential for success.

Subscriptions Short-term subscription for as long as you need offered a month-to-month renewal.
Mentoring Questions Answered and Best Practice guidance given by Solid Edge Experts.
Apps & Accessories Quick add-on programs to enhance the Solid Edge Experience.
Retail Purchase A permanent license plus maintenance including unlimited support and upgrades.
Training Reliable Solid Edge Training Program written by experienced professional trainers.

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