MT10420 - NX Mold Wizard Design Process

Course Information

Course ID: MT10420

Version: NX 9

User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Duration: 5 Days

Required Courses:

  • Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies (MT10056)

Other recommended courses:

  • Design Applications using NX (tr10055) or successful completion of Essentials for Designers and Intermediate Design and Assemblies prerequisite assessments on the Learning Advantage (score >70%). Learning Advantage courses can also be used to prepare for the prerequisite assessments.
  • Working knowledge of NX Assemblies and interpart modeling Familiarity with NX Free Form Modeling and CAM may be helpful in Mold Wizard implementation, but are not required to receive benefit from the training.

Course Description

Expert NX tool designers will acquire the skills to significantly reduce mold design lead time through Mold Wizard automation. The curriculum mimics common tasks used in mold construction and is reinforced using hands-on activities. Additionally, students are introduced to customization techniques needed to fully realize the potential of the Mold Wizard libraries.

Primary Course Topics

  • Create Mold Wizard tooling assemblies
  • Use the molded part validation command
  • Apply shrink factor, create tooling inserts
  • Create patch up (shut off) geometry
  • Create moldable features that are retained after product updates
  • Define and create parting geometry
  • Create associative core and cavity geometry
  • Use mold base libraries to choose a mold base
  • Use standard part libraries to select and position common parts
  • Customize Mold Wizard
  • Define gate & runner geometry
  • Design cooling channels and hardware
  • Create electrode geometry
  • Create pockets and holes in mold plates
  • Create drawings and bills of materials

Who Should Attend

Plastic injection mold designers & product design engineers who create plastic injection mold tooling using the Mold Wizard software application.,

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