Leading the Industry in CAD Data Translation

Save days of tedious re-work and communicate clearly with clean CAD data. TransMagic leads the industry in CAD data translation and geometry repair tools. Open, view, compare and write 3D data using TransMagic EXPERT AND PRO. Open any major 3D CAD format with full support for 3D GD&T (PMI). Experience optimal reuse of any 3D CAD data by converting to the highest quality industry standard neutral CAD formats.

Key Benefits of TransMagicTransMagic3

  • Eliminate costly CAD systems used for multi-CAD manipulation.
  • Automatically repair and optimize design data received from other CAD systems.
  • Optimize large assemblies and reuse high quality data.
  • Customer optimization by providing CAD data in the required CAD format needed.

VMH offers the following TransMagic Products:

  • TransMagic EXPERT and PRO – Work with any CAD file format in absolute confidence with bi-directional multi-CAD translation.
  • SuperView – View and extract 3D PMI information for accurate job quoting.
  • MagicHeal –  Advanced 3D CAD geometry repair with reduced meshing and simulation time is a mouse click away.
  • MagicCheck – Easily identify and manage design changes to compare and validate CAD parts.