Shape-Based Search

Envision the power of shape.

Enfinio uses a simple, quick and powerful tool helping to eliminate part reproduction vastly improving on your company’s operating costs. SBS (Shape-Based Search System) is a shape-based search technology which reduces part proliferation and optimizes sourcing decisions resulting in unique and highly productive solutions.

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The shape search industry is ever-changing and demanding improvements in the time, accuracy, context and ease of use in finding what you are searching for. Enfinio believes the search should be not only exact but completely unambiguous. Discover the power of shape-based search technology today and download the FREE ebook now! Enfinio_ebook


Key Capabilities and Benefits of SBS!

  • Identifying duplicate and similar parts.
  • Organizing and classifying part data into useful catalogs.
  • Providing powerful and intuitive shape search capabilities.
  • Analyzing and reporting on the data to enable effective decision making.
  • Integration to external attribute based systems for additional filtering and consolidation of data in a single, similarity based system.

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