Aerospace & Defense

The challenge today is to deliver a product that meets all the technical and performance requirements at cost and on schedule.


Fuel economy and emission regulations, increasing use of electronics and embedded software, and management complexity due to increasing globalization are just a few of the key challenges faced by today’s automotive industry.

Electronics &

Production ramp up time, pricing pressures, customer changes, technology changes, global markets and supply chains are some of the top issues facing electronics manufacturing services providers today.

Energy & Utilities

Demographic change, resource scarcity, and an increasing focus on environmental protection are three of the largest megatrends affecting the energy and utilities industry.

Industrial Machinery

Increasing global competition requires industrial machinery companies to continuously innovate and optimize their products.

Medical Devices

Accelerate the innovation process, increase global reach, make better upfront risk decisions, ensure quality and regulatory compliance with traceability through, and reduce costs.