VERICUT: CNC Machining Software from CGTech

CGTech's flagship product, VERICUT Verification, has become an industry standard for CNC machine simulation; to detect errors, potential collisions, and detect areas of inefficiency. As the CGTech exclusive reseller, VMH International is positioned to get you the most return on your investment. VERICUT is enabled to work with and simulate all types of CNC machine tools; including those by Mazak, Makino, DMG, Mori Seiki, and Okuma just to name a few. While VERICUT is a stand-alone solution, VMH can work with your individual needs and develop the optimal integration solution to provide industry leading results.

Along with compatibility for many CNC machine tools, VERICUT is also able to integrate with over 15 different CAM software systems to provide user friendly action. With thousands of businesses struggling in today’s economy, VERICUT gives companies the advantage of saving time and money by creating more efficient designs, finding errors in programs before they are executed, and decreasing the amount of leftover scraps and rework put in towards projects.

Why should you use Vericut?

  • Save Time: Reduce or eliminate prove-outs and save machine tool, operator, and part programming time – all of which decrease time-to-market.
  • Increase Quality: Verify dimensional accuracy and optimize tool paths for better finishes on surfaces and edges.
  • Save Money: Reduce or eliminate the cost of machine tool crashes, rework, scrapped parts, and damaged tooling, fixtures, and clamps.
  • Increase Productivity: Reduce machining times and interrupt production less frequently.
  • Build Confidence: Test part programs on a computer so they run right the first time and operators don’t need to keep one hand on the “emergency stop” button.
  • Conserve Resources: Reduce machine tool wear. Reduce cutting tool wear so cutting tools can be used longer before needing to re reground or replaced.
  • Improve Safety & Training: Train programmers, operators, and students without using machine tool time or risking a dangerous, costly collision.
  • Improve Documentation: Enable operators and managers to preview all machining operations

From optimizing a tool path to CNC machine simulation VMH is fully enabled to suit all of your business needs. Implementation, setup, training, and consulting provided by VMH are developed to create visible return from the beginning. VMH offers experts in the CNC machine simulations domain and CGTech solution field with the ability to offer on-site, center based, web delivered, and process specific training. VMH also offers the option of utilizing the trained staff in experienced consulting roles.

Vericut software

Let the proven experience of the VMH staff assist with your Vericut implementation, setup, training, and consulting needs. Contact VMH International today to learn more about what Vericut can do for you.

“VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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