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Velocity Series is an industry leading PLM portfolio for Mid-Market companies, intended to improve efficiency and maximize ROI.

The ability of Velocity Series to provide mid-market companies with innovative solutions in PLM separates it from competitors. This is achieved through maintaining a low total cost, reducing the product cycle time, and minimizing time spent by engineers and designers on developing products.

The Velocity Series Portfolio Includes

Whether you are a small company trying to grow or a large company with an established market presence, Velocity Series can help you achieve your goals. However, at VMH International we understand that all businesses are unique and to help accommodate for various situations, we offer each product as a 'stand-alone' or you can purchase the Velocity Series portfolio.

As one of the top VAR's for Siemens products, VMH stands out among the crowd. VMH is fully staffed to suit all of your business needs. From implementation, setup, training, and consulting; your company will succeed from the beginning. VMH offers experts in the Velocity Series with the ability to offer on-site, center based, web delivered, and process specific training. VMH also offers the option of utilizing the trained staff in experienced consulting roles.

Velocity Series Benefits:

Velocity™ Series allows mid-sized manufacturers to effectively compete with larger companies who command superior resources by:

  • Speeding products to market by providing access to a complete range of robust PLM applications previously not available to mid-sized manufacturers
  • Providing pre-configured “best practices” from the leader in digital product design, CAE and data management to streamline implementation and maximize effectiveness
  • Assisting customers who are trying to grow from 2D to 3D design process, but do not have sufficient resource, knowledge, or experience to do so
  • Delivering standard set of scalable, integrated applications from a common vendor streamlines support and assures ongoing data integrity
  • Enabling supply chain integration beyond tier 1’s, to include smaller suppliers, by standardizing OEM’s supply chain processes to get suppliers up and running fast

The Velocity™ Series is completely interoperable with – and scalable to – the full Siemens PLM Software solution portfolio, all while maintaining its openness to work with best-in-class third party applications.

Velocity Series Solutions

Velocity Series PLM Software Training & Resources

View our full list of instructional videos, as well as our collection of brochures and product manuals on all of our products in our library.

Contact VMH International today to learn more about what the Velocity Series of PLM software can do for you.


“VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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