PLM, ALM and CAD Consulting Services

Sconce Solutions is Now Our Services Partner

VMH has partnered with Sconce Solutions to provide our customers with comprehensive expert consulting services. Sconce is a Siemens Systems Integrator providing turnkey consulting and services to maximize the value of your software purchase with a successful outcome. Sconce is qualified with industry experts and consultants to combine complex integrations, sophisticated specifications and reduced product lifecycles with continual innovations to provide PLM solutions that align with your goals and objectives.

  • PLM and ALM Services
  • Enterprise Technology Services
  • Managed Services and IoT

Sconce offers Solutions as a Service (SaaS) with unique solutions from shape-based classification and search technology that allows the users to find and organize part designs. These solutions allows the user to better manage and organize part designs using high end tools such as Shape-Based Search (SBS by ENFINIO) so they can be more efficiently managed, reused and removed from duplicate inventories.

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PLM/ALM Services

PLM Services are designed to reach the optimum return on your PLM investments.

  • PLM value roadmap
  • Business process consulting
  • Value-based PLM implementations
  • Legacy systems consolidation and data migration
  • PLM platforms and development support

Design information is connected and centralized through PLM solutions.

Optimize product design and support best practices integrated with PLM processes.

Enterprise Technology Services

Cost efficient services for engineering, design and drafting to improve design efficiency of your design organization and to reduce time to market your products.

  • Design re-use solution
  • Automated regression testing solution
  • PLM-ERP Integrations
  • Performance and health monitoring
  • Custom product design automation solutions

Managed Services and IoT

  • Managed services for PLM systems
  • Cloud deployment solutions
  • Consulting and migration to cloud based systems
  • Solution for connected products

Cost effective engineering services to reduce design and modeling cost.

Siemens Militronics

“Sconce Solutions took on a difficult project that involved the complete detailing and modeling of over 500 parts and 200 assemblies of a recently acquired product line. They demonstrated great flexibility, excellent management capabilities, and a commitment to the project by being able to react to changes in priorities and project scope, which aided them to successfully meet the requirements and milestones while producing the highest quality work. Our business relationship with Sconce Solutions has been very beneficial to our organization. We look forward to working with them again in the future and recommend them to others.”