The only 3-axis and 2-axis toolpaths you will ever need.

VoluMill is a high-performance toolpath engine from Celeritive Technologies that integrates directly into your existing CAM system. It handles any geometry, is easy to use, and outperforms all other toolpath technologies.

Coming Soon: Volumill V7!

Using VoluMill in place of traditional roughing routines will reduce your cycle times, extend the life of your cutting tools, and place considerably less stress on your machine tools, thereby reducing your costs while increasing your productivity. VoluMill provides these benefits by fully utilizing the capabilities of modern machining hardware to control the rate of material removal. It plans the toolpath based on the abilities designed into the machine tools and cutting tools, irrespective of the shape being cut. Traditional toolpath strategies, by contrast, are derived from the geometry being machined, filling the bounded area with a zigzag pattern, or offsetting the boundary geometry until it collapses on itself.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-performance, smart toolpath engine.
  • Powerful, efficient toolpaths for open shapes.
  • Intelligent slot milling and side milling options.
  • Fast machining of small pockets.
  • Up to 100% stepover with no uncut material.
  • High-feed repositioning with floor clearance.
  • Cleanup Milling.
  • Automatic feedrate adjustment.

From adjusting your speeds and feeds for optimal return to getting new users trained VMH and VoluMill can produce a solution guaranteed for success. VMH will also utilize our VoluMill expertise and trained staff in a variety of professional consulting roles.

VMH offers the following VoluMill Products: