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Advanced Simulation Solutions to Drive Smarter Product Decisions

NX solutions for simulation directly address these challenges through NX CAE, a modern environment that combines best-in-class analysis modeling with multi-discipline simulation and integrated data management, and NX Nastran, a world-class finite element solver known for its strength in structural static and dynamic solutions. NX CAE does not require NX CAD and can be used as a standalone pre/postprocessor with support for multi-CAD geometry. NX CAE provides additional benefits when used in situations where NX CAD is used for design, such as seamless data transfer between the design team and analysis team. NX Nastran, the premier FEA solver for accuracy, performance and reliability can be combined with NX CAE or used on its own in conjunction with third-party preprocessors.

Learn about NX Nastran on the Cloud

NX Nastran is available through a software as a service (SaaS) model in partnership with Rescale, a cloud engineering simulation platform. This combines NX Nastran with on-demand high performance computing (HPC) and enables you to seamlessly adjust compute capacity as your demand changes. Large-scale DOEs or multi-disciplinary optimizations can be setup efficiently with a variety of hardware choices that optimize performance of the NX Nastran solution.

NX for Simulation Advantages

CAE Vision and Heritage
Siemens’ vision is to to deliver engineering simulation solutions that drive product performance decisions across the complete product lifecycle. Siemens executes this vision by building upon a simulation heritage which spans over 40 years and encompasses well-known CAE brands like Nastran and SDRC I-deas. Siemens has strengthened and expanded upon the technologies from its long simulation legacy and has brought them together to deliver the next generation of world-class CAE software.

Best-in-Class Analysis Modeling
Create analysis models faster using powerful tools such as direct multi-CAD geometry editing powered by synchronous technology, and a full suite of commands for geometry idealization and meshing.

Seamless Associativity with CAD Geometry
CAE models are associated with the original CAD geometry, and easily update your analysis models whenever the design changes.

Single Environment for Multi-Discipline Simulation and Optimization
Leverage NX CAE’s multi-discipline simulation environment to streamline for both individual analysts and CAE workgroups, with solutions for structural, motion, thermal, flow and multiphysics problems.

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Teamcenter
NX CAE seamlessly connects with Teamcenter to enable effortless storage, re-use, and sharing of simulation data, knowledge, and processes with more people throughout your organization.

Focus on System-Level Modeling and Simulation
Efficiently build and manage FE assemblies through a unique, multi-level approach that can allow for multiple instances of the same FE component.

Fast and Powerful Solvers
Solve large models efficiently with the industry’s leading finite element solver, NX Nastran.

Open, Multi-Solver Support
Export analysis models and import simulation results for other common finite element solvers including Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyna, and MSC Nastran.

Instant, Cost-Effective, Scalable Simulation in the Cloud
Simulate larger and more complex models, perform Design of Experiment (DoE) simulations – run NX Nastran on demand powered by Rescale’s award winning cloud simulation and HPC platform. Create an account here.

NX for Simulation Benefits

Increase Simulation Productivity by up to 70 Percent
Increasing simulation productivity speeds up your entire product development cycle, allowing you to bring your products to market faster. More efficient simulation processes also lead to more innovation, by allowing more design-analysis iterations that can be used to test more design alternatives, and make critical design decisions earlier.

Increase Product Quality
By simulating real-world conditions, you get a clearer understanding of how your product will perform. NX solutions for simulation facilitate easier trade-off analysis across multiple disciplines, allowing you to develop more robust products. Requirements tracking and reporting capabilities allow you to quickly gauge if your product is performing to specification.

Reduce Product Development and Warranty Costs
Faster simulation processes means analysis results are fed back to design earlier, leading to a reduction in costly, late design change orders. Additionally, correlating simulation with physical testing provides more confidence in your analysis, so you reduce costly physical prototypes. And with increased product quality, you save on potential warranty costs.

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