Cortona3D: Teamcenter Integration

Deliver accurate and up-to-date technical publications much faster and at a fraction of the cost


Are you facing the continuous pressure to deliver competitive products faster and have implemented Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) solutions to improve processes in design, engineering and manufacturing? Do you have problems keeping up with product changes and face launch delays due to concurrent development of product and documentation? Many of the challenges for the cost-effective and timely production of after-sales deliverables arise from the standalone nature of many of the Customer Support Content management systems. In essence, technical publication is still largely isolated and a follow-on process.


Cortona3D’s Teamcenter® Integration overcomes this isolation by providing workflow, version control and relationship management capabilities that link product documents with their associated parts in an assembly. It provides a mechanism to streamline today’s technical publications and training processes through the dynamic authoring and update of content directly from the released design and engineering information.

Engineering design and customer support domains can be integrated at multiple levels with Cortona3D’s Teamcenter Integration by:

  • Re-using product and service content
  • Automating functions and processes common to both domains


  • Dramatically improve the quality of customer support and training information by delivering text, 3D and 2D visual content that is authored directly from the engineering information
  • Eliminate the isolation that separates technical publications groups from their engineering design/development counterparts by effectively using CAD and BOM in both environments
  • Improve cross-discipline communications while providing an integrated product definition that all product support teams can use to understand the impact of approved design changes by using a single system
  • Reduce take-to-market risk and improve time-to-market schedules by eliminating the dependency on isolated information silos, manually-maintained tracking mechanisms or individual knowledge workers
  • Reduce the risk of inconsistent or out-of-date technical documentation while shortening the length and complexity of the publications cycle by providing a holistic environment for managing both product and documentation development
  • Reduce production time and manage resources effectively by providing these domains with a common platform for effectively integrating otherwise isolated information assets and streamlining cross-discipline tasks across the enterprise


Delivery of 3D visual content that dramatically improves customer support and training information with the added benefit of synchronizing the product and its documentation – even as product changes arise.


  • Navigate the product, parts and assemblies as usual within Teamcenter
  • Create an authoring package including CAD and BOM using Cortona3D
  • Author interactive customer support content and store all data in Teamcenter
  • Publish content from Teamcenter


  • Teamcenter engineering data import
  • Comprehensive authoring process
  • Technical publication unit preview
  • Multiple standards compliance including ATA 2200 and S1000D
  • Version control
  • Collaborative work of distributed teams
  • Workflow management