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Solid Edge Premium: Parts: 2D, Solid Parts, Assemblies and Drawings, Sheetmetal, complex shapes Frame and Weld,Single part FEA, Standard Parts, Photo Rendering, Assembly FEA, Wire Harness, Pipe and Tube Routing.

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

Solid Edge Premium is a powerful 3D CAD CAE and Routing software in one product. This product includes all the capabilities of Solid Edge Classic plus the additional capabilities of:

  • Solid Edge Simulation
  • Solid Edge XpresRoute
  • Solid Edge Wiring

the capabilities of this product are all tied together – you may not individually float its various components. If you have a mix of Premium and Classic in a floating environment, the first user to access Solid Edge will get the Premium license. If you need floating capabilities, which avoid this situation, then Solid Edge Classic needs to be purchased and appropriate licenses of Simulation, XpresRoute, or Wiring.


We Recommend Purchasing the 1-year maintenance for this product. Please see ITEM # VMH1004MT.


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