Partners: Tesis PLMware

TESIS PLMware is a consultancy and software company with headquarters in Munich, Germany. Since 1988, they have been developing software and concepts to support customers in the process of implementing their PLM objectives, with a focus on those using the Siemens PLM Software Teamcenter and SAP environments. VMH International works with TESIS PLMware on the implementation of Teamcenter to ensure that our clients receive the full value of their software purchases.

The close links TESIS PLMware's consultancy and development business units allow them to develop intelligent integration concepts and to offer PLM solutions based on standard components and best practices which meet their customers' requirements. We are proud of the fact that our customers and partners have shown their trust in us over the years and that we have been able to develop long-term, stable business relationships which everyone involved can benefit from.

“VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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