Mentoring Services

VMH International has years of mentoring experience - acting as the bridge between OEMs and companies by offering seamless solutions with Siemens PLM software. We work to better align your systems with your clients' needs through the flexibility and adaptability of Siemens software solutions and Cortona3D.

VMH International specializes in consulting services specifically for:

  • Siemens NX CAM - Multitasking post-development
  • Teamcenter - Software installation, configuration, and customization

Even if your current systems are not Siemens or Cortona, we can build seamlessly upon them and offer expert guidance to make your investment cost-effective rather than costly.

Experienced Account Managers

VMH International has a staff of experienced account managers in the PLM industry. Many of our account managers were previous Siemens PLM employees and worked with hundreds of companies to evaluate their process, ensure that they perform in the in the most efficient, and cost-effective way possible.

The account management team members at VMH International:

  • Have several years of experience managing mid-size, national and global companies.
  • Are experts at helping companies to implement proven technology that improves quality, reduces cycle time, and increases profit.
  • Are business partners that will help your company grow and maintain a competitive position.

Please contact us for an initial free, no-hassle PLM evaluation of your company. We will have one of our experienced account managers contact you shortly to begin the consultation process.


“VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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