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    The Dream Team at VMH International is a unique internship program where college students have the opportunity to excel among their peers. VMH recognizes the need for future engineers gaining experience prior to entering the work place. With all of the advancements in technology, engineers are going to continue to be needed. It’s a discipline that’s always going to be in-demand and on the lookout for the best and brightest minds. To gain the edge and get the experience of how technology and engineering work together in the many different industries. The skills from this program can be beneficial later on, as many engineering graduates transition into the next level.

    Being a part of the Dream Team at VMH International is an incredible experience. Interns will be trained anworking with the latest in engineering software; from 2D and 3D modeling, visualization, to engineering database management and image rendering programs. They have completed projects with major sports equipment manufacturers, automotive, heavy machinery, aviation, nautical and in the medical field. Customers of VMH International can work with The Dream Team in a variety of ways and companies can even submit concepts, project and new ideas to the Dream Team. This group of dedicated interns will work on these projects and host a presentation to the companies by the end of the summer or the length of the internship. The Dream Team interns often have the opportunity to converse directly with high-level executives and engineers throughout the course of the project; providing them with invaluable experience and networking opportunities. Our goal is to provide them the training, knowhow and real life experience to transition into the workforce after graduation.

    Check out current Dream Team projects on our blog: vmhinternational.com/blog/category/dream-team/



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    Our Experiences

    "As a long term Dream Team member, I have gained a competitive edge through authentic experience and beneficial connections for my future career. I have had the opportunity to work on several different types of projects from many well-known businesses. And through these projects, I have gained an extensive amount of experience for my age. Being a part of the Dream Team has greatly enhanced my resume and has given me an accurate preview of the career I am pursuing."

    –Taylor J. 2012 & 2013 Dream Team Member

    “As a 2013 Summer Dream Team member, I was provided with a plethora of different experiences. I was given the opportunity to attend PLM World 2013, a Siemens user conference, where I was able to converse with many people in the industry while demonstrating the knowledge I had of Siemens products. It was a fantastic networking opportunity, and the classes I attended were very beneficial in my development as an engineer. I was also given the chance to work on many different projects throughout the summer in a large variety of fields. I did projects for sports equipment, automotive, nautical and heavy machinery companies. Being a part of the internship program gave me access to a number of different industries over the course of one summer. This was unique compared with other internships, and very helpful in helping me figure out what I would like to do once I am out of school. Being a Dream Team member significantly boosted my resume, as well as expanded my network to include many industry leaders. This experience was truly one-of-a-kind.” 

    –Cameron T. 2013 Dream Team Member

    Being on the Dream Team gave me some invaluable and truly unique experiences. In just one summer at VMH, I had the opportunity to work with clients on projects, solve several real-world engineering problems, and use extensively a wide variety of CAD and CAE programs. How many people can say that, before graduating college, that have both been trained in NX and have used it to design for multiple big name companies? The Dream Team gave me these great opportunities which will all be very beneficial wherever I decide to go after school.”

    –Deck S. 2013 Dream Team Member


    APPLICATION FOR 2014 Dream Team is Now Closed. Check back this fall to apply for 2015!

    Future Dream Team Members

    Application Dream Team Requirements:

    Basic Job Description:

    • Utilize Siemens and Autodesk products to work on various projects and case studies for customers, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and heavy machinery companies.
    • Learn to install Siemens and Autodesk products and troubleshoot issues
    • Create 3D Content for several different industries
    • Create presentations based upon your design and research projects

    Working toward an engineering degree in an ABET accredited university

    • Be enrolled in an ABET accredited university
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills                                                  
    • Must be detail oriented
    • Some 3D modeling experience or classes
    • Must be organized and work well with constant priority changes
    • Must be able to work in a team environment with other engineer interns
    “VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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