Cortona3D RapidAuthor Software Suite

Cortona3D viewerWould you like to spend less time and effort...and save money in the process? VMH International has partnered with Cortona3D, the leader in automating technical communications, to complete your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software portfolio.

Benefits At A Glance:

  • Get maintenance and training information to market up to 70% faster
  • Increase product and services revenue and differentiate your product
  • Cut development costs of documentation & training across the product lifecycle
  • Eliminate costly and inaccurate translation
  • Enable feedback from users
  • Increase productivity and workforce efficiency
  • Reduce costs by reusing content across functional areas

As the Cortona3D 2010 USA Reseller of the Year, VMH has had the opportunity to satisfy numerous customers in a broad range of industries. Cortona3D's RapidAuthor is a flawless and effective 3D model software solution to create and provide up-to-date product documentation. Cortona3D RapidAuthor is a suite of authoring tools that provide flexibility to create all support documentation such as Interactive Parts Catalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Training Materials, and Work Instructions.

VMH is fully staffed to suit all of your business needs. From implementation, setup, training, and consulting you are prepared to succeed from the beginning. VMH offers experts in the Cortona3D and technical publications field with the ability to offer on-site, center based, web delivered, and process specific training. VMH also offers the option of utilizing the trained staff in experienced consulting roles.

The RapidAuthor suites of tools include:

  • RapidCatalog
  • RapidLearning
  • RapidManual
  • RapidWorkInstruction


RapidCatalog is an original solution designed and ready to produce fast and straightforward 3D Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC)/ Electronic Parts Catalogs (EPC)/ and Online Interactive Parts Catalogs. RapidCatalog has the ability to produce 3D explosions to expand the complex assembles into an array everyone can understand. With the added feature of drill down navigation, the tool puts an end to ordering errors, purchasing errors, and an inefficiency of productivity.


RapidLearning is the key to improving comprehension, retention, and on-the-job performance by supplying a research proven interactive 3D platform to the end users. The RapidLearning tool produces various digital interactive training applications made using 3D animations of existing CAD data. It will create visually realistic renderings to provide vivid step-by-step learning.


RapidManual is setup and ready to use toolkit that will create fast and easy 3D interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs)/ Operating Procedures/ Assembly (Install) Instructions. Whether for the operator on the shop floor to the maintenance and repair team, RapidManual provides the visual "know-how" to minimize issues and improve information.


RapidWorkInstruction is the key to managing the success if your company's operations. RapidWorkInstruction provides and fast and easy solution to produce a digital interactive work instructions, job cards and assembly instructions. By re-using CAD data direct from engineering, RapidWorkinstruction can quickly create the M-BOM and Bill of Process. Give your workforce the know what do to and know how to do it with RapidWorkInstruction.

Contact VMH International today to learn more about what Cortona3D's RapidAuthor software can do for you.


“VMH International assists companies in becoming more productive, innovative, and competitive by implementing industry-leading design, manufacturing, and technical communications software into their work processes.”
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