Cortona3D iOS Viewer App Download for iPhone & iPad

cortona3d viewer dowload app icon for ipad ipod iphoneVMH has partnered with Cortona3D, the leader in Technical Publications to announce the release of their latest Cortona3D Viewer for the iOS platform. With this expansion into the mobile device arena the capabilities of the Cortona3D technical publications tool is brought out of the design lab and puts up-to-date information in the hands of those in the field. Releasing on the iPhone and iPad devices the user now has the ability to check any automatic manuals, repair or assembly steps, the structure of a part, and can quickly access detailed parts catalogs. This brings a new level of high-visualization and mobile technology into one simple platform.

Currently the Cortona3D Viewer app is available for download in two forms:


 cortona3d viewer ios app for ipad, iphone, ipod screenshot cortona3d viewer ios app for ipad, iphone, ipod screenshot


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