The Dream Team and Subtractive Manufacturing

Among our most exciting projects at VMH are those that allow us to bring something from the drawing board to the real world. The project that we currently have with Sandvik and Volumill is allowing us to do just that! Earlier this summer, we were trying to decide how we could take our Dream Team Car and our Dream Team Jet and machine them from a single block of steel.


The reason for this assignment is to be able to create a few parts that could showcase CAM optimization with Volumill. Our client, Sandvik, has volunteered to work with us to create these parts. We have been working on finding a way to best orient the two parts to be most effective in showcasing the capabilities of Volumill and Sandvik cutting tools. We have been in contact with Celeritive, the company that owns Volumill, as well as some machining specialists at Sandvik. Both have been very instrumental in teaching us the necessary skills to ensure our success on this project.

– Tony

Brandon Talks About Week 2 of Dream Team!

This was an exciting second week at VMH. On Monday all of the interns had a team conference meeting where we met and were paired with our sales representatives. My partner Josh and I are paired with Ken Moody.We have already completed our first assignment with Green-flo, and we have more exciting endeavors coming up with big name companies in the electronics industry.


Moreover, after being trained in both Siemens NX and Autodesk last week we were treated to yet another presentation from VoluMill. VoluMill is an add-on to NX’s CAM feature and aims to cut time and tooling cost for rough milled parts. Next week we will be trained in VoluMill and get more assignments from Ken; there is never a dull moment when you’re part of the Dream Team!


Dream Team Visits the Science Center

We are only two weeks in and have already begun to start projects. We started off the week by setting up conference calls with our assigned sales reps in the field to discuss potential projects.  We continued discussion throughout the week with our sales reps to gather details on our projects for the summer.

Parrot AR


We recently started projects with the Oil & Gas and Aerospace Industries that require work with Siemens programs such as NX and Volumill. Travel plans for some of the interns have already gone into discussion. Some of the interns recently travelled to the St. Louis Science Center to discuss a possible project, while others are planning a trip up to Minneapolis in July. We concluded the week with our first company barbeque for lunch! We had a great time cooking burgers and flying the new drone around!

– Matt

U.S. Manufacturing Continues to Grow In March

More good news out of the U.S. Manufacturing sector! It looks like U.S. Manufacturing is continuing to get stronger! According to, solid increases in output and new business for manufacturing companies is fueling this increase.


One of the reasons manufacturing has stayed so strong is that companies are trying to catch up after the harsh winter nationwide. If your company would like all of the tools to stay ahead of the curve, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Manufacturing Expands for 8th Straight Month In January

We have good news for our manufacturing customers! A recent article citing the latest Manufacturing ISM Report on business shows once again that manufacturing in the US is growing:

One of the highlights from the article are that 11 of the 18 manufacturing industries reported growth. The industries reporting growth are: Plastics & Rubber Products, Primary Metals, Textile Mills, Wood Products, Printing & Related Support Activities, Fabricated Metal Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components, Transportation Equipment, Machinery, Furniture & Related Products, and Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products. Of the industries not reporting growth, most cited this Winter’s harsh weather as a major factor.


With all of the growth in manufacturing, it’s a good time to make sure your company is at the cutting-edge in terms of technology and software. If you have any questions about what you can do to stay ahead of the competition, please give us a call!

-The Dream Team

U.S. Manufacturing Outlook is Positive

We have good news for our CAD/CAM customers! This article details the rise in competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing.

Welder at Work

According to this article, the U.S. is on track to achieve cost parity with manufactured imports from China by 2015. With the U.S. becoming increasingly cost competitive, the forecast is very positive for U.S. manufacturing operations!

-The Dream Team

Spartan Aerospace Case Study – VoluMill

In today’s fast paced society, companies across the world are looking to develop their businesses faster and more efficiently. Our respective partner, Volumill, provides quick, high quality tooling for a plethora of manufacturers. Volumill was able to help Spartan Aerospace reduce manufacturing time drastically by using high performance patented manufacturing technology. “We have a titanium aircraft component that took over two hours to machine previously,” Engineering Manager Lionel Andújar said. “We flipped it to VoluMill and the cycle time went to 38 minutes.”Not only is Volumill designed to generate a faster working environment, but to create a user friendly experience as well.


Because VoluMill can be easily integrated with most CAM software, including Spartan Aerospace’s current CAM software (NX 8.5), the entire process fairly simple to execute. Engineer, Steve Daniels, says “Our internal IT staff did the install. It was basically just a matter of clicking next, next, next. After that, the programmers picked it up in about three minutes flat.” This testimony demonstrates Volumill’s remarkable capabilities to deliver a product that’s easy to use and provide strong beneficial assistance to companies seeking quality and efficiency improvement.