Announcing CCS 2016 Financing Programs

Complete Capital Services and VMH International have come together to offer special rates along with a Buy Now, Pay Later option with your software, maintenance, training and implementation packages!

Special Rate Offer

Keep Your Competitive Edge! 0% Interest for 12 Months, 3.99% for  24 Months, 4.99% for 36 Months


  • Includes training, maintenance, implementation
  • 90 Day differed payments option available
  • Secured online application

Terms and Conditions:

  • One payment due at signing
  • $5000 minimum equipment cost
  • Must have 24+ months Time in Business to qualify
  • $1 Buyout Purchase Option
  • Subject to equipment and credit approval



Buy Now, Pay Later

Get the Software You Need Today! No Down Payment and No Monthly Payments Due at Signing. 


  • Includes training, maintenance, implementation
  • 12-48 month finance solutions
  • 90 Day differed payments option
  • Easy application process

Terms and Conditions:

  • $5000 minimum equipment cost
  • 12-48 month terms available
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotions
  • Subject to equipment and credit approval

Contact us to find out more about these special offers!



We’re excited for what the future holds!

This summer spent at VMH International has certainly been a successful one. As it draws to a close with my last day being today, I thought I would take the time to give a review of my experiences here at VMH this summer. I had the opportunity to work with several companies and technologies during my time here. Not only did I get to learn NX software, I also got experience working with Teamcenter, Solid Edge, and Keyshot. I was also able to use the Cube 3D printer, which is a brand I have not worked with previously. I worked with a variety of companies representing multiple industries. Those companies include Bull Moose Tube Company, Watlow, and Jet Aviation. Being on the Dream Team has significantly helped assure me that engineering is right for me, and has even helped me to confirm my interest in aerospace and defense engineering. (Being able to see planes land at the nearby airport is an additional plus). I was also able to work with customers firsthand to help solve problems they encountered with NX by doing support calls.

But the internship was not just all work, there was some play involved! The company is a generally fun environment to work in. Throughout the summer I was able to go to a Cardinal’s game with fellow employees, go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Saint Louis Science Center with the other interns, and have a barbeque for the company as a going away party for all of us interns.

The Dream Team has helped pave the path for me to further my knowledge on engineering as a whole and will definitely help me move on to bigger companies within the aerospace and defense industries. I’m excited for what the future holds and am glad to have been given the opportunity to be a member of the VMH International Dream Team.


How PLM is Helping Spark Innovation in the Oil & Gas Industry

Over the next 20 years, demand for energy is expected to more than double. To meet these increasing demands, companies in the Oil & Gas industry must remain innovative, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of their competition in order to fully take advantage of this boom.

Oil Pumps

PLM software from Siemens can help all companies in the Oil & Gas Industry get ahead, maintain their advantage, and maximize their growth throughout the future of the company. Here are a few ways that PLM can help:

  • Top-of-the-line CAD software ensures that you can get the best out of your designers.
  • Built in CAM applications allow you to go directly from design to the shop floor, realizing faster more accurate parts.
  • CAE analysis tools ensure that designs are correct the first time through. NX CAE can conduct thermal, stress, flow, and many other types of analysis.
  • Teamcenter allows for supply chain, parts database, document, and change management.

If you are interested in learning more about how to get ahead in the Oil & Gas Industry, please contact us at VMH International.

Sign Up for Solid Edge University 2014!

Solid Edge University is fast approaching! This year, Solid Edge users from around the world will be congregating in Atlanta, GA from May 12 until May 16. There is still plenty of time to take advantage of Early Bird Registration. Save $100 if you register before February 28!


In addition to two full days of basic and advanced Solid Edge curriculum, there will also be the following specialty sessions:

  • Developer Day is designed to help you learn how to customize Solid Edge and increase your productivity
  • Design Management Workshop covers the data management capabilities of Solid Edge SP
  • The Femap Symposium offers advanced learning opportunities, including hands-on workshops, and presentations from Femap experts and technology partners

-The Dream Team

Calling All CAD Users!

Solid Edge is sponsoring a design contest through GrabCAD, along with Luxion, makers of KeyShot, and Razor USA, a popular scooter maker. The goal is to design a 3-wheeled Razor scooter similar to the PowerWing scooter shown below.

Razor Scooter

We encourage you to sign up! The link to the challenge page is

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 12 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($4,200) + $500 cash + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot Pro+Animation ($2,495). Additional $500 cash prize bonus if any original part of the design is incorporated by Razor USA in their new PowerWing.

2nd Place: 6 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($2,100) + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot Pro ($1,995)

3rd Place: 3 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($1,050) + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot ($995)

4th Place: 1 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($350) + Solid Edge messenger bag + KeyShot t-shirt

5th – 10th Place: Solid Edge messenger bag + KeyShot t-shirt

Good luck in the contest!

-The Dream Team

Solid Edge ST6 Released!

Today is an exciting day for all Solid Edge users because of the new release of ST 6. This release brings over 1300 customer requests and comments into the program.  This new release allows more efficient ways of modeling, cutting down on time spent modeling and production costs. As well as the many new design features in the new ST 6, other programs have now been embedded to work in the new workspace. Here are some of the new features in ST 6:

  • New stylized surface modeling with redesigned and more intuitive features, such as ruled and face selection
  • Improved sheet metal modeling with more efficient functions in complex packaging, stamping, plastics manufacturing, and heavy machinery
  • Simplified large assembly design management
  • More efficient drafting features such as automatic generation of part lists and better drawing clean up features
  • More accessibility features so you can take ST 6 anywhere
  • New simulation design optimization and validation, which can cut down on material and prototype costs
  • An improved visual approach to managing data in Solid Edge SP
  • Compatible with all SolidWorks parts and assemblies and can even implement the SolidWorks interfaceST 6 blog

Solid Edge University

Twitter is a very powerful device for getting the word out in today’s society. After a simple retweet about winning a trip to Solid Edge University, my twitter feed blew up with congratulations for winning a full trip to SEU in Cincinnati, OH. The conference consisted of the official reveal of ST 6, which is the new version of Solid Edge, training classes, and many talks about learning new things in Solid Edge for users. The first day consisted with an opening speech from Siemens PLM CEO, Chuck Grindstaff, the founder of Engineering Without Boarders, Bernard Amadei, and The Lead Landing Engineer of the Mars rover Curiosity, Adam Steltzner. These speakers brought inspiration to all of the users in the room. On the same day, Solid Edge ST 6 was introduced and the new features were demonstrated.

All of the new features excited the users because of the time and stress that would be reduced, such as the drafting interface, new Surface Modeling capabilities, and Design Optimization programs. Some other great features of ST 6 are the new integrations with CAM software, the popular rendering software KeyShot, and the SolidWorks, Inventor, and ProE migration tools that will convert entire projects to Sold Edge parts. The accessibility of the software has greatly increased with the new release as well, it was announced that Solid Edge can be rented monthly and also purchased online through reseller’s websites. With the seats of the software being expensive, this is a huge breakthrough for startup companies who need a software but don’t know what they actually need or even companies with interns that only work during the summer.


After all of the announcements, smaller breakout sessions started. These breakout sessions covered many Solid Edge components for different levels of the users, such as synchronous technology, tips and tricks, drafting, surface modeling, and even data management. Some of these sessions were actual hands on training using the Solid Edge software and also covered ranging topics.  The sessions were taught by users who have been using the software longer than I have been alive (which is 21 years) and people that were actually on the committee to create Solid Edge, so their knowledge of the program is very helpful. One of the session speakers was VMH’s very own trainer Dale Dewiel! During his session, I was lucky enough to show off the mobility of ST6 by presenting the software running the Microsoft Surface Pro. With the tablet being able to go anywhere, that means that ST6 can go on the floor or anywhere the program can be needed or used.  The rest of the 2 days at SEU consisted of networking and these sessions where the Edgers shared their experiences and knowledge of everything Solid Edge.

I learned a lot about Solid Edge such as, how it is a rising product and in the software industry and how to actually use it. Before winning the trip to SEU, I had never used Solid Edge before. But after winning, I decided to dedicate my modeling to Solid Edge so I had a gist of what the program was capable of doing. But after attending SEU, my eyes have been opened to the effectiveness of the program. Overall, the trip to SEU was filled with learning and I look forward to modeling in the new ST 6 and start my adventure to becoming and “Edger”.


– Michelle

Solid Edge ST5 iPad Viewer

With the release of Solid Edge ST5 last year, Siemens also released the new, FREE Solid Edge Mobile Viewer. The Mobile Viewer gives you the ability to view 3D Solid Edge parts and assemblies on your iPad. From the Apple Store website, features of the Solid Edge Mobile Viewer are as followed:

– Free app to view 3D parts and assemblies created in Solid Edge ST5 (or later)
– Show / Hide model bodies, assembly components, dimensions, and annotations
– Rotate, Pan, and Zoom using single or multi-touch interaction
– Hide single or multiple assembly components
– Save images of the current view for e-mail
– Filename information displayed optionally

This application gives individuals outside the engineering department, without Solid Edge on their computers to view the parts and data, which leads to faster design reviews. The app is also great to bring on a customer’s site if you are unable to bring your computer to show your detailed design to them.
For download and more information visit

International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2012

On September 10-15 one of the largest events in manufacturing is being held in Chicago, IL. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is being held at the McCormick Place to give attendees the opportunity to see some of the most cutting-edge technology that almost 2,000 companies have to offer.

VMH International will be partnering with Mazak Corp. to showcase our products and to provide advice and help for any of the attendees having questions.

VMH International is an PLM software re-seller that specializes in CAD/CAM and other engineering and visualization software, including products from Siemens, Cortona, Volumill, Luxion, and several others. We also provide consulting for companies as well as training in a top-of-the-line training room that can even be made mobile to bring on site.

For more information on IMTS 2012 and to register, follow this link:

If you’ll be at the IMTS show and would like to schedule an appointment with us, you can do so here:

Look for us in the Mazak booth:

We hope to see you there!

3Dconnexion Space Mouse Speeds Up 3D Projects

New to the VMH International training room is 3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse Pro. This SpaceMouse Pro is included in each of the 8 work stations, which are portable to any customer site. Easier to use and more efficient than a traditional keyboard and mouse, the SpaceMouse Pro enables you to intuitively move your model, assembly, or scene around in 3D space.

Not only does it make movement more intuitive and easy to do in 3D space, but the SpaceMouse Pro also has several built in features that make it an invaluable tool on projects.

QuickView Keys: These keys on the right side of the mouse make available 12 different views at the touch of a button. You can also disable certain axes using the rotation toggle key to use the pan-and-zoom features.

Intelligent Function Keys: These 4 keys at the top of the mouse are fully programmable as to whatever commands you want. The SpaceMouse Pro is even advanced enough to recognize your environment and to switch the commands assigned to the keys depending on the program you’re in without you having to do anything. You can turn on an on-screen display that shows the commands assigned to each of these keys as a reminder as well.

Keyboard Modifiers: These keys on the left side of the mouse give you easy access to the Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc functions, saving you time from roaming across the keyboard.

Virtual NumPad: To streamline your CAD or CAM processes even more, the SpaceMouse Pro has an on-screen Virtual NumPad to enter numbers into your program in tandem with your standard mouse instead of using your keyboard.

Inverted Controls: Some people prefer inverted controls while others prefer standard controls when working in 3D space. With the SpaceMouse Pro you can switch easily between the two depending on your preference. All you have to do is quickly change the setting.

Within a short period of time of using the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro, it will become second nature when working on your CAD, CAM, or design projects. With its 3D technology, you can take a model of a plane and fly it through your application. Or with a very detailed machine part, you can go to any view you desire with the click of a button and the touch of the mouse in a matter of seconds. Engineers, designers, and many others can attest to how streamlined and efficient the SpaceMouse Pro makes their work.

For more information visit our 3Dconnexion mouse products page.