We’re excited for what the future holds!

This summer spent at VMH International has certainly been a successful one. As it draws to a close with my last day being today, I thought I would take the time to give a review of my experiences here at VMH this summer. I had the opportunity to work with several companies and technologies during my time here. Not only did I get to learn NX software, I also got experience working with Teamcenter, Solid Edge, and Keyshot. I was also able to use the Cube 3D printer, which is a brand I have not worked with previously. I worked with a variety of companies representing multiple industries. Those companies include Bull Moose Tube Company, Watlow, and Jet Aviation. Being on the Dream Team has significantly helped assure me that engineering is right for me, and has even helped me to confirm my interest in aerospace and defense engineering. (Being able to see planes land at the nearby airport is an additional plus). I was also able to work with customers firsthand to help solve problems they encountered with NX by doing support calls.

But the internship was not just all work, there was some play involved! The company is a generally fun environment to work in. Throughout the summer I was able to go to a Cardinal’s game with fellow employees, go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Saint Louis Science Center with the other interns, and have a barbeque for the company as a going away party for all of us interns.

The Dream Team has helped pave the path for me to further my knowledge on engineering as a whole and will definitely help me move on to bigger companies within the aerospace and defense industries. I’m excited for what the future holds and am glad to have been given the opportunity to be a member of the VMH International Dream Team.


Calling All CAD Users!

Solid Edge is sponsoring a design contest through GrabCAD, along with Luxion, makers of KeyShot, and Razor USA, a popular scooter maker. The goal is to design a 3-wheeled Razor scooter similar to the PowerWing scooter shown below.

Razor Scooter

We encourage you to sign up! The link to the challenge page is https://grabcad.com/challenges/get-radical-razor-powerwing-scooter-design-challenge

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 12 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($4,200) + $500 cash + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot Pro+Animation ($2,495). Additional $500 cash prize bonus if any original part of the design is incorporated by Razor USA in their new PowerWing.

2nd Place: 6 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($2,100) + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot Pro ($1,995)

3rd Place: 3 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($1,050) + Razor PowerWing scooter + KeyShot ($995)

4th Place: 1 month subscription of Solid Edge Premium ($350) + Solid Edge messenger bag + KeyShot t-shirt

5th – 10th Place: Solid Edge messenger bag + KeyShot t-shirt

Good luck in the contest!

-The Dream Team

Dream Team – Cobra Golf Presentation

Last week, the Dream Team was able to present our golf design project to Cobra Golf at their headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Cobra, which was recently acquired by Puma, has a beautiful new office with various golf equipment spread out everywhere with the occasional Rickie Fowler life-size cutout. However, despite the distraction of the brand new golf equipment, our main focus was on the presentation which showed off our golf club designs as well as highlighting the overall effect of new technologies on the golf industry as a whole. Using a combination of NX, KeyShot, and Teamcenter, we were able to create multiple golf clubs and perform tests on these despite having a relatively short time period and no prior experience in actual golf club deign. NX was utilized in order to design the actual clubs as well as perform the CFD analysis to test the aerodynamics of the clubs. Using this software, we were able to create a virtual wind tunnel to place our clubs in and perform tests at varying wind speeds. Once the clubs were modeled and tested, KeyShot was used to create realistic renders which could be used as marketing material. Finally, Teamcenter was used to tie the entire project together as the entire team used the software to connect and share parts. The golf clubs themselves included a Driver, hybrid, iron, and putter, all utilizing differing design elements. For example, our putter used a compass as an alignment tool. The compass could be set to line up putts, and then return to the set point when actually putting. Design elements like this appealed to cobra golf to show how new designs can lead to innovation within the golf industry. In addition to the clubs, we also wanted to create an ergonomic golf grip. Using a curved handle, the grip was created as an alignment tool to help novice golfers develop a consistent grip. This design also helped show the effectiveness of 3D printers, as we printed our grip design in a rubber material and had it sent to the cobra headquarters to be showed at the meeting. It was amazing to see how we could design a grip and have a physical print of it within a period of a couple of weeks.


Lastly, we showed off a free app on the apple store called 123D Catch. The relatively simple app allows the user to take up to 40 photos of a stationary object, and then uses them to create a 3d environment.  This free app could have various applications in the golf industry in order to easily create a 3d environment of golf shops and clubs. These new technologies could really bring innovation to help advance the golf industry.

– Carson


Golf Design Project

CAD software has drastically enhanced the production and engineering quality in manufacturing and design over the past few decades. Looking at the ingenuity incorporated into golf clubs, the overall improvement of the design is evident due to top-notch CAD software such as NX. The Dream Team has been assigned a project to create a set of golf clubs and model them using NX. Modeling these clubs tested our skills in NX regarding complex, but useful, features such as: X-form, I-form, swept, Boolean subtractions, and raster imaging. Using these features, we successfully managed to model an entire set of custom clubs including an ergonomically specific grip. This specially designed grip is used to fit to the user’s hand to help create a better swing pattern and better grip on the club.

When the modeling was finished, we then used a photo rendering program called KeyShot to produce high quality images of these clubs on a golf course. After finishing the entire design aspect of these set of clubs, we decided to run CFD analysis on them to determine their aerodynamic efficiency. NX contains powerful CAE software to demonstrate a projected swing across a plane, including airflow analysis on the club head. This became profoundly useful to determine the value and productivity of the club design. Overall, these golf clubs came out to be efficient, sharp looking clubs that might someday be used in a common practice among daily golfers.


Keyshot – An Invaluable Marketing Tool

The latest product that VMH International has started selling is KeyShot. KeyShot is a standalone computer program that renders 3D images in the highest of qualities and can also animate the models in HD. It is different from other 3D rendering products as it is easy to use being able to adjust the lighting as well as the ability to change the colors and textures of an object at the click of a mouse. Some key features of KeyShot are followed:

  • Scientifically accurate materials
  • Instant real world lighting
  • Fully interactive camera
  • Interactive material assignments by dragging and dropping materials from the library
  • 100% CPU-Powered so there is no need for special hardware or graphics cards
  • Interactive labeling to easily add logos to the 3D model
  • Import an image to use as the background for your 3D model

You can import NX or Solid Edge models into KeyShot to make them more realistic for marketing and presentations to make your models come to life. The number of companies that use KeyShot is astounding and are from a variety of different fields including Caterpillar, Chrysler, Acushnet, Oakley, Sony, and Whirpool among many others.

For more information, visit our KeyShot 3D rendering software page.