Dream Big with the Dream Team

My first two weeks here as a Dream Team member have been full of learning experiences. The Dream Team is a group of junior application engineers doing any sort of project analysis or even project design for a customer.  From NX and Cortona3D training to being a part of my first conference call, I have learned a lot about CAD/CAM/CAE industry and just about office life in general. The first week included full training on NX 8.5 and Cortona3D software. Even though I have previously worked with other CAD software, NX 8.5 came very easily to me and the other Dream Team members. After the first 3 days with full training, we were able to make the parts you see below. After the NX 8.5 training came the Cortona3D training, a program that I never even have heard of. But after seeing all of the useful applications of the software, I see how Cortona3D can be a game changing product for the manufacturing industry. I should have enjoyed my training period a little more, because the second week was full of work such as help with marketing and working on software compatibility questions. The marketing work has really opened my eyes to how much work goes behind making a company look professional and attracting new customers. As most of the team prepares to go to PLM World in June, I have seen all of the work that goes behind the preparation for such a large and important event for our company, such as booth setup and videos to promote VMH.

Dream Team Badge (2013).48I have also been thrown into the world of compatibility issues for clients switching software.This has been an eye opening experience because I didn’t know all of the issues that switching software can entail. To get started, I called GTAC, which is the Siemens PLM technical support line. The GTAC operators were very informative and answered all of my questions that they could, and for the questions they were not quite sure on, they said they would find out and get me an answer as soon as they can. GTAC is a great resource for all Siemens PLM products, and I can see them being very helpful in the future. With a fun and very informative first 2 weeks, I am very excited to be a part of the Dream Team, and I am looking forward to what the summer has entailed for me here at VMH.   

Cortona Goes Portable

Users of the Cortona series of products can now put their projects onto portable devices like any Android-based tablet or phone or iOS product like the iPhone or iPad. The Cortona3D Viewer for iOS is offered in two forms – a free, sample content only version, as well as a paid version offering full customization. With a few clicks you can now carry your engineering project with you wherever you want. If you want to take your Cortona files to a demo, meeting, or tradeshow, you’ll find the compatibility of Cortona software with tablets and smart phones highly useful.

Upcoming Siemens PLM & Cortona3D Software Training Courses

Starting soon VMH customers will have the ability to receive hands-on training in Siemens software technology in the VMH International head office, or even on site. The finishing touches are being put on a training room with 8 individual stations for strictly customer training courses on Siemens NX (Unigraphics), Teamcenter, Cortona3D, and more. These training stations include a:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad laptop with Intel Core i7 quad core processors at 2.4 GHz with 16 Gb of RAM running Windows 7 64-bit including an NVIDIA Quadro 2000M graphics card
  • Additional Lenovo monitor
  • 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro for more intuitive control in 3D modeling and design
  • Full range of the latest Siemens software products, including Solid Edge, NX/Unigraphics, Cortona3D, TeamCenter, and more

Every one of these stations is fully portable to bring the training center to wherever our customer needs, and we have licensed instructors for any Siemens software.

Visit our Siemens PLM Software Training page for more information or to register for an upcoming training session.

Cortona3D RapidAuthor Software

Cortona3D: The Final Frontier

Engineering specifications have made total transformation in the last 30 years from vellum and mylar drawings to fully parametric, feature based CAD data all managed within a product data management database. Capturing the design intent can be done completely electronically without drawings at all thanks to the development of model based definition and product manufacturing information. But the published documents that serve the engineering company and their customers have been left behind in a world of their own. Until now that is!

Enter Cortona3D content management and authoring software… enabling you to link your published documents to your CAD and Bill of Materials data! No longer are the catalogs, service manuals, maintenance manuals, bulletins, and even internal training materials a “dead” document requiring manual update and duplication of the changes you make to your product. Cortona3D’s RapidAuthor suite of authoring packages are able to capture and associate to the latest revisions and released engineering data. In addition, animated 3D illustrations can speak 1000’s of words per frame to communicate exactly what is to be serviced, how the product is to be assembled or disassembled or even which parts are to be inspected and by what criteria! RapidAuthor now advances into that final frontier of product specification in a way that goes beyond words but with video exactness and unquestionable definition.