End of Our Summer Internship

As the summer winds to an end and I tie up some of the loose ends of my projects, I realize just how beneficial interning at VMH International has been for me. Through this experience, I gained insight into how the engineering, marketing, and finance world interact within a company. Though I still may not know exactly which career path I will take, I now have the right tools to help me decide.


Through VMH International, I have connected with business people and engineers alike, cooperated with a team of bright engineering students, and worked on interesting and unique projects for international companies. Although I didn’t quite finish the projects I had been working on for the last month or so, I can safely say the progress I made on them as well as others was substantial and educational. I learned how to use industry-leading Siemens and Autodesk software and how to fully immerse myself into a project, a conference call, and a company. I look forward to seeing where any unfinished projects will go and possibly continuing this kind of work with the team next summer.

As I enter my sophomore year in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, I have great hope that I will find the right path for me in business, engineering, and life…and I have the VMH International Dream Team to thank for that.

- Anna V.

Dream Team Summary

Spending this summer at VMH International gave me the type of experience I was hoping to get and an extensive network in different engineering fields.
The first few months were a whirlwind of energy, there were new people (13 interns) and the projects we heard about and what we could be working on sounded really intriguing. In the first 3 weeks, I learned how to operate the 3D printer and the software that went along with it. I never used a 3D printer before seeing it at VMH so I was really stoked about it. Also, Anna and I printed a few medical products for the OMTEC medical device conference in Chicago. We 3D printed a total knee replacement cap along with the bone that it would attach on. Also, this summer was the first time I went on an actual business trip, which was the OMTEC conference. Going to the conference was nerve racking because I did not know what to expect but I met a lot of people there from medical companies that provided me with substantial advice about my future career. A couple of weeks ago I went to NOA Medical in Washington, MO to visit with one of the co-owners, whom I met at OMTEC, and discussed about what the actual engineering field is like for a medical company. Seeing first hand of what a typical day was like for an engineer in the medical field allowed me to gain an understanding of what field I might want to specialize in.
3D Printing Knee Collage
The projects I worked on this summer included: Samsung, Watlow (electrical), Saudi Aramco (petroleum), Osteomed (medical), and Green-Flo. Honestly, working in these various fields gave me an experience that not a lot of students get the chance to have. Also, having the chance to work with software (NX, Autodesk Inventor, CFD, etc.) that most all companies use gave me an opportunity that most college students do not get until they land their first job.  Overall, I am really glad I spent my summer interning for VMH because it gave me the variety I was looking for and the experience I need for future jobs.
-Marie K.

Josh’s Summer in Review

This summer was a great experience and was well spent. I worked at VMH International as part of the Dream Team. While working with the Dream Team I was able to work on multiple projects and learned a lot of new information. The summer started out with learning new programs that we would be using throughout the summer. The idea of working with the Dream Team is to work on projects from different companies. Some examples of these companies were Samsung, Boeing, and Saudi Aramco. Each intern had their own project to work on and everyone was able to contribute. A different amount of work was put in to each project, some required more than others.

The 2014 Dream Team

The 2014 Dream Team


Every time we faced a challenge we worked until we solved it. I remember gathering a large group of the interns and we spent the first half of the day brainstorming ideas for one of the problems we faced. Working as a team allowed me to gain knowledge from the other interns. Since I only have finished my freshman year I was unable to offer a lot of detail to some ideas. Whenever I came up with an idea, I was never told it was bad. I was told that the idea was “great”, they then pointed out what I should do to improve the idea and certain details that I might have missed. With the help of the other interns the contributions that I was able to make made a difference. Working on the projects was a lot of fun, even if they were sometimes challenging. I was always learning while I was here from both my supervisor and from the other interns. The connections I have made and the experience I have gained while interning here at VMH International is priceless.

– Josh A.

Matt B’s Summer Experience

This summer has been filled with amazing experiences at VMH International. From going to the John Deere Plant in Davenport, Iowa, visiting Scott Air Force Base, and going to sports fusion with the whole company, it’s hard to choose a favorite. With all these experiences I was able to connect with plenty of people.


I was also able to experience what engineering is like after I graduate from Iowa State University. With all the knowledge I have gained this summer I be returning to school more prepared than other students. I would like to thank everyone with VMH for making my summer productive yet entertaining.

– Matt B.

My Dream Team Experience

First I would like to thank VMH International for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the 2014 Dream Team.  Looking back on my time at VMH I could not have asked for a better summer.  Throughout the summer I spent a week in Orlando for a conference, visited the St. Louis Science Center, saw Scott Air Force Base, had a meeting at Boeing, flew in a corporate jet, and took tours of both Jet Aviation and Eclipse Aerospace. Doing just one of those things in a summer would constitute for a successful summer let alone doing all of those.

My main project for the summer was creating an interactive exhibit centered on the F-18 Blue Angel at the St. Louis Science Center.  This exhibit will allow for kids to play with a 3-D model of the aircraft on a touchscreen.  The model will run through different preset animations as well as come with fun facts, technical information, and historical details about the Blue Angels and the specific plane.  I am excited to see this implemented at the museum and plan to stay involved with the project and VMH after I leave at the conclusion of my internship.

– Drew

My Summer Experience

Curing all diseases, solving global hunger, achieving world peace, these all seem like great ideas. Interning at VMH International for a summer of invaluable experience however, just may be one of the best ideas ever.

Hello, my name is Brandon Schmidgall, and I am a senior at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville studying mechanical engineering. As my second internship during my college career I can confidently attest to the many benefits of working over summer vacation. This particular opportunity gave me the chance to work alongside big name companies like Samsung as well as many smaller, localized firms based all over the United States. Working with other companies to solve real-world engineering problems is the best type of experience one can have before receiving your degree. But wait, it gets better!


While solving these real-world problems, VMH International hands you the keys to some of the most robust engineering software in the business. At the beginning of the summer all interns are trained to use Siemens PLM and Autodesk software. These powerful, industry-leading 3-D modeling programs allow you to not only be able to work effectively with the companies, it is a resume-building conversation starter when applying for jobs after college. Having a good knowledge of this software allows you to walk through your future employer’s door and say “here’s what I can offer you.” And, nothing speaks more volume at an interview than confidence in your abilities.

In conclusion, my summer 2014 was spent in one of the best ways possible: gaining an unmatched experience in engineering.

– Brandon

My Summer in Review

I am very blessed that VMH International gave me this opportunity to learn more about engineering in the real world. They allowed me to take the skills I have learned in the classroom and demonstrate my abilities with real projects. I grew up on a farm, and this was my first true experience with working in an office environment. It wasn’t an easy transition from working outdoors to sitting in a cubicle, and it has taught me that I would like to find an engineering job that has a little bit of both worlds.


One of the more difficult challenges I faced this summer was my living situation. I lived out in the country, and have never experienced a big city before. I found a great house in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis that I shared with 4 other people from all different walks of life. I had a great time learning about my housemates and city living. While I will miss St. Louis, I don’t think city life is right for me. Like the old saying goes, “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.”

– A.J.

Dream Team Showdown at Sports Fusion!

All week, our sales team has been in the office to hold strategy meetings, and have a chance to meet us in person. For a team building activity, we decided to pair each sales person’s interns with them, build three teams, and hold some friendly competition. This year, we faced off in basketball, dodgeball, laser tag, and mini golf. Although there was no clear winner, it was a blast!


After that, we all went to a local country club to have dinner. Since the weather was perfect, we ate outside. The food was outstanding! Overall, the evening couldn’t have gone better. It was a fun night, and a great way to bond with our sales team.

Country Club Rotated

- The Dream Team

NX Training for a Few Dream Team Members

This past week VMH hosted an in house, five day long training class for some of our customers. I was fortunate enough to be one of three Dream Team members to participate in this week long course. The class was similar to what all of the interns were exposed to when we all started at VMH, but this one was more in depth and included a couple more advanced topics.

Dream Team in Training

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is relatively new to NX, or needs a touch up on the basics. Carl is an outstanding training instructor by incorporating individual help and allowing the class to be interactive, not just him reading off a PowerPoint the entire time. Overall I would rate the experience a 10 out of 10 and hope to get back into the training room again with Carl in a more advanced course. I feel as though there is still so much I can learn from him since we only scratched the surface of NX during this previous course.

– Drew

Local Motors Tries to Change Manufacturing

Recently, I came across this article discussing how a start-up company, Local Motors, is attempting to revolutionize modern manufacturing by incorporating 3D Printing. They currently build their vehicles from a mix of original parts and off-the-shelf components in a microfactory.

3D Printed Car

Now, they are planning to start 3D printing entire vehicles, minus the drive-train. The current version of the car takes approximately 40 hours to print, but only weighs 450 pounds. They think that within a year, they will be able to print the car in only 2.4 hours. This September, they will be printing a car live at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

This story shows us that by utilizing 3D CAD design coupled with 3D printing, we can design, prototype, and even create end-user products faster and more efficiently than ever before. VMH International is a proud supporter of 3D printing. If you would like to know more about additive manufacturing, contact us today!

– A.J.