On-Demand Webinar: Shorten your PLM Deployment Time & Get Products to Market Faster

Automated Regression Testing Solution

Do you have a failed Go-Live due to inadequate testing? A less than acceptable Post Go-Live user adoption due to missed test cases? Not enough budget and time for executing all test cases after each upgrade or update?

Join VMH and Sconce Solutions for this one-hour on-demand webcast and demonstration to learn how automated regression testing can

  • Shorten your PLM system deployment time
  • Reduce your testing time and efforts
  • Improve systems consistency
  • Streamline your quality validation process

18% of the average product development process is spent on systems testing

With our PLM systems test automation solution, our customer saw 30% reduction in project time



Dan Snyder
North American Sales Director, VMH International

Prasad Rajamohan
VP Business Development, Sconce Solutions USA

Andy Joshi
Sconce Solutions USA

Discussion and Demo Topics

  • Business and technology benefits
  • Enabling the automated testing solution
  • Capturing and executing test scripts
  • Generating test reports, logs, and evidences
  • Q&A


SCONCE Solutions is a leading PLM Service provider with expertise in providing productivity gain solutions for PLM systems across a wide-range of industry verticals and across the globe. Sconce is a Siemens Systems Integrator and has helped Fortune 1000 companies maximize the value of their PLM and MCAD technology investments.


Discover what automated testing can do for your company!



The Dream Team Visits the St. Louis Science Center

Yesterday, the Dream Team took a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center. We got a behind-the-scenes tour and also glimpsed a sneak peek at the Blue Angels exhibit some of our interns worked on last summer. The F/A-18B Hornet currently sits on display outside the James S. McDonnell Planetarium, and the Dream Team is very excited to soon see guests using our interactive CAD tool to learn more about this fighter jet. A touchscreen display should be mounted on the wall just inside the entrance of the Planetarium so that curious visitors can explore the Hornet’s structure and features.

If you’re planning to visit the SLSC soon, you can expect to see more than just a new Blue Angels exhibit; our friends at the Science Center are also working closely with NASA to develop a new “Mars Trail” exhibit. Guests will be able to program and drive “Mars rovers” through a Mars landscape. The aim is to navigate your rover to a point of scientific interest and collect data, just as an actual astronaut on Mars would. The rovers had been built and programmed by a high-school student in the Makerspace garage, where we also discovered a VGo robot charging in the corner (one of Vecna’s bots which we had modeled earlier in the summer). We then extended our curiosity about the Red Planet by visiting the Omnimax Theater for a showing of “Journey to Space.” Though some may worry that the space program has faded into the background, this film destroys such perceptions by showcasing the NASA’s exciting plans to land astronauts on Mars. “Journey to Space” features interviews with astronauts Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunon, along with an overview of past space achievements and potential for the future.

But of course, the Dream Team couldn’t just view the Omnimax screen from our theater seats; we also got special access to get behind the screen. After maneuvering through a metal catwalk, we were standing above the 5 story, 79 foot diameter dome. We waved at some confused patrons filing in for the next film, took some selfies, and then headed back down to visit the glass-enclosed projection room. We watched the projectionist load the projector and elevate it into position for the show, while on ground level the film followed an intricate path from the reels to the projector. The projection system uses IMAX technology to fill your entire field of vision with crystal clear images, making you feel like you’re in the center of the action. In a 45 minute film, the projector moves more than 10,000 feet (almost 2 miles) of film at 24 frames per second; too fast for even Taylor’s slow-mo video to capture.

We next walked through the Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit, where visitors join scientists in their search for extraterrestrial life. The exhibit showcases and explains technologies used to explore far-away solar systems, along with the scientific development of robots and androids with artificial intelligence. We finished up our visit with a stop at the Planetarium, where we traveled up the retired space mission elevator to see a portion of “The Constellations” show. Though we’ll miss the VIP treatment, the Dream Team is extremely grateful to our friends at the St. Louis Science Center for giving us an amazing tour, and we look forward to visit again soon to see all their exciting plans turn into new exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

-Jordan B.

Internship provided practical, engaging, and thought provoking challenges

Working at VMH International has given me the opportunity to observe all of the different aspects that go into an engineering company. After three years of studying mechanical engineering, I’ve really only gone over the general and obvious side of the field. However, working in the business setting opened me up to the trading, selling and finances that go into running a company. This is really only something you pick up by experiencing the business world, and I’m grateful to have had this experience.

Our Mascots

Our Mascots

Throughout the summer I was also able to apply my three years of engineering education into practical, engaging and thought provoking challenges. It was very rewarding to utilize these skills and gain new ones. Using the tools in Siemens NX software opened me up to new design and analysis interfaces. The ones I found the most interesting were the fluid flow and thermal analyses. This job was a very nice change of pace. In classes we usually just plug equations into simplified examples. However while working here I was able to use what I learned in my classes and see the practical applications with the flow and thermal tools in NX.

Karcher Rendering

Karcher Rendering

Overall I would definitely call this a rewarding experience. I went to a medical tradeshow in Chicago, learned how to operate a 3D printer, gained experience with cutting edge software (NX, Autodesk configurators and TeamCenter), as well as worked on the design, analysis, and implementation of a company’s small fluid heater and its user interface. Going into senior year at Wash. U, I am definitely glad I was able to gain great business and engineering experience at VMH. Not to mention I got to display my art talents on our state of the art “word of the day” board.

– Jake G.

Preparing for the Future

As an intern at Tekni Group, I have gained experience using a variety of CAD programs. I was able to work with fellow engineering students as a part of the Dream Team. This taught me how the benefits of teamwork as each intern brought a different look into our projects as we were all different majors. We also worked with a variety of companies solving their submitted problems whether it be a simple IT request or a design flaw that needed to be fixed and optimized. By working with different companies, I was able to network across a diverse group as well as see how the structures of the companies differed per industry. Due to this internship, I have a greater insight on the direction I will take with my degree, while also gaining the necessary skills for future work.

It has been great working with you guys!

– Audrey M.

Event Recap – High Performance Manufacturing 2015

VMH and Siemens would like to say thank you to everyone who attended High Performance Manufacturing 2015 in Cypress, CA on May 28.

The team from Sandvik were excellent hosts and provided us an outstanding venue to spotlight some exciting speakers, topics, equipment and software solutions to help you be more profitable and competitive.





Event Recap – PLM Connection 2015

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and attended our presentations at PLM Connection 2015!

We had a great time, learned a lot, and met a lot of fantastic people. We’re already looking forward to next year. Here are a few highlights:

Captain Eugene A. Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon

After hours dueling piano networking event

Cameron Tighe discusses The Dream Team, VMH’s S.T.E.M internship program

Alison Levine, Team Captain of the First American Women’s Everest Expedition


Dream Team Members Launch Business

The average customized case currently available in the market utilizes screen-printing, producing designs that can easily fade over time. Other custom cases lack premium design – failing to account for protection, durability, and ergonomics. A new company founded by two Dream Team members, Taylor Jay and Connor Wolk, has developed a premium custom case that’s long-lasting. The Dual Case is composed of two individual layers: a durable exterior for protection and laser-cut customization, and a rubber inner layer exposed on the sides for grip. Each layer comes in a variety of ten different colors, allowing for “mix and match” personalization.


The Dual Case can be customized in a way never seen before through its unique, laser cutting technology. By cutting the outer shell, the color of the inner layer shows through, leaving a tactile, custom cutout in the shape or pattern you choose. The inner layers on both the Original and Custom Cases can be interchanged with other colored layers. Taylor and Connor are ready to put the Dual Case into mass production and they have taken to Kickstarter to raise the funds. Early birds will be able to pre-order a case for $15. Backers will also be able to choose a reward that includes additional inner layers to utilize the “Mix and Match” feature.

About Taylor Jay

Taylor Jay, CTO of Dual Cases, is a sophomore at the University of Kansas studying Industrial Design and is a current member of the Dream Team. He has developed a myriad of products by skillfully employing 3D and 2D design software. Jay has been involved in projects like a parking space indication and analytics system, an award-winning baseball bat, Blue Angels exhibit for the St. Louis Science Center, Ford Model T redesign, and the two iPhone cases for 5/5s and 6.

About Connor Wolk

Connor Wolk, CEO of Dual Cases, is a junior at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri studying Engineering Management and is a former Dream Team member. He has multiple years of retail experience in computers, cell phones, and electronics accessories. Connor also brings a background in business development, sales, leadership, and public speaking to the Dual Cases team, helping them win multiple awards for innovation and business plan validation.


St. Louis Regional User Group

Around the country, VMH has been attending many of the Regional User Group (RUG) meetings. In particular, the RUG in St. Louis, MO went very well as we caught up with current customers and heard news from the rest of the community. Boeing held the event and was a fantastic host. The large and accommodating rooms were matched with a wide variety of delicious food they served throughout the day. And to top it off, we had access to the Boeing museum that we could visit between meetings. The entire history of Boeing in one room with loads of models, we couldn’t be happier!


The event started with networking along with an opener to explain the event. Split between two rooms, speakers shared news, tips, and upcoming features for Siemens NX and Teamcenter. One of the best parts though were the guest speakers from local companies who shared their unique applications for the software and gave interesting perspectives of how to utilize them. Another meeting featured Siemens’s own support staff (GTAC) who would openly answer and address current issues facing the industries. It was very exciting to watch, especially when it got heated. Winding down the event, a closer meeting took place where attendees were raffled off to receive prizes – lots of mugs, but also some nice Bose headphones that were obviously the first to go.


The other RUG events around the country went just as well and we’re excited to attend more events to keep up and share with the community.

Regional User Groups are Coming Up!

Regional Users Groups (RUGs) strive to be a local source of information and education on the usage of all Siemens PLM Software products; including NX, Teamcenter, and Tecnomatix as well as a link to those who create it. RUGs typically hold several meetings per year to discuss various topics of interest to their members. RUGs offer a great opportunity to those who may not have been able to attend PLM World, as well as those who attended PLM World and would like to expand upon what they have already learned.


Posted below is a list of all of the regions, locations, and dates of the Fall 2014 RUGs:

– Intermountain: Ogden, UT: 9/4/2014
– Arizona: Tempe, AZ: 9/9/2014
– Southwest: Houston, TX: 9/11/2014
– SoCal-Los Angeles: Cypress, CA: 9/24/2014
– SoCal-San Diego: San Diego, CA: 9/25/2014
– New York State: West Henrietta, NY: 10/7/2014
– Mid-Atlantic: Linthicum Heights, MD: 10/9/2014
– Chicago/Wisconsin: Gurnee, IL: 10/15/2014
– Midwest: Bloomington, MN: 10/17/2014
– New England: Framingham, MA: 10/21/2014
– Rocky Mountain: Louisville, CO: 10/23/2014
– St. Louis: St. Louis, MO: 10/28/2014
– Detroit: Troy, MI: 10/30/2014
– Northern California: TBD: 11/4/2014
– Southeast: Atlanta, GA: 11/6/2014
– Cincinatti: Loveland, OH: 11/11/2014
– Indiana: Indianapolis, IN: 11/13/2014

We strongly encourage all of our customers to visit their RUGs! They are a great way to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and can provide some incredibly useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your software. For more information, please contact office@plmworld.org.

How the Cloud is Changing Manufacturing

Here at VMH International, we know how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends in technology and other important sectors of the economy. One area that has seen tremendous growth is cloud computing. Cloud computing has helped a wide range of businesses – this includes those in the manufacturing and engineering industry. VMH International offers Teamcenter Integration for SolidWorks. Here are some of the ways it has been helpful:

The Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of working in the cloud is group collaboration. Whether it is with coworkers, suppliers or clients, you will be able to work together in a much more organized, efficient manner. Another benefit is reduced time to go from concept to production. You’ll be spending less time correcting data and making faster approval changes. Work processes will be consistent with all data formats, resulting in you having fewer errors. We can help you integrate all of your technical data – from design into production – into a single source that can be easily accessed. If you’re tired of the same old solutions to your manufacturing and engineering needs, turn to VMH. As a leader in Siemens PLM, we can help you get the most out of your high-performance manufacturing. Want to find out more about what we can do for you? Contact us today!